This fall, we will spend 7 weeks reading and discussing the ways that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell about Jesus. Whether you have read these books dozens of times, or have never read them at all, this will be a great time to dive in together to see Jesus better than ever!

We will be reading on our own each week, following the schedule provided here. The videos referenced on the schedule can be found at the YouTube channel for The Bible Project.

We will then gather each Wednesday night at 5:30 to eat and catch up with each other for about a half-hour, and then spend the next hour and a half (which usually seems to fly by!) watching a brief video to remind us of what we've read, discussing what we've read, and then closing in prayer together by 7:30.

For more information about how these 7 weeks fit into a larger plan of reading the whole Bible, see our Read Scripture page

For even more information or for answers to more specific questions, please contact Pastor Joe at the contact information on our homepage